Pet Diagnostics and Imaging

Parkview Animal Hospital, located in Newton, IA, is a reputable veterinary clinic that offers a comprehensive range of services, including advanced pet diagnostics and imaging.


Pet Diagnostics and Imaging in Newton, IA

With a team of skilled veterinarians and state-of-the-art equipment, they are dedicated to providing high-quality care for companion animals in the area.

Pet Diagnostics and Imaging

Diagnostic Laboratory
Laboratory testing is a window into your pet’s body, helping us see the health and function of organ systems. Sometimes, a pet that appears healthy can hide symptoms of the disease. A physical exam may not be enough to diagnose your pet, and additional diagnostic tests may be required.

Our fully equipped laboratory allows us to perform advanced diagnostics such as electrolytes, blood chemistry, CBC, urine, and fecal testing. Immediate results can be shared to help you and your Veterinarian determine treatment options for your pet’s health care needs.

Digital Radiology

Using digital X-rays, we can now process your pet’s X-ray directly onto our computer screen using digital technology. This means for you and your pet that we can produce a much better-quality X-ray image, giving us a much clearer image of the bones and soft tissue. Digital X-ray allows us to see far more detail than we ever could before on a standard X-ray, making diagnosis of particular problems much quicker and easier.

Here are some of the pet diagnostics and imaging services offered at Parkview Animal Hospital:

  • Radiography (X-rays): The clinic is equipped with advanced digital X-ray technology, allowing for precise and detailed images of the skeletal system, internal organs, and soft tissues. X-rays are invaluable in diagnosing fractures, identifying foreign bodies, and assessing organ abnormalities.
  • Ultrasound: Parkview Animal Hospital utilizes modern ultrasound machines to perform abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds. These non-invasive procedures provide real-time images of organs, aiding in detecting tumors, cysts, and other conditions. Ultrasound is also used for pregnancy evaluations and guided biopsies.
  • Digital Dental Radiography: Dental health is of utmost importance in pets, and Parkview Animal Hospital offers digital dental X-rays to assess oral health and identify hidden dental issues such as abscesses, periodontal disease, or tooth root abnormalities.
  • In-House Laboratory: The clinic has an on-site laboratory equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment, allowing for quick and accurate blood tests, urinalysis, fecal examinations, and cytology. This ensures prompt results and efficient diagnoses.
  • Referral Services: If necessary, Parkview Animal Hospital has established relationships with specialized veterinary referral centers. They can arrange for more advanced imaging techniques like CT scans and MRIs to be performed by experts in the field.

The highly trained veterinarians at Parkview Animal Hospital work closely with pet owners to understand their concerns and provide comprehensive diagnostic plans tailored to each pet’s needs. They prioritize clear communication, ensuring pet owners are well-informed about the diagnostic process and involved in decision-making.